To get a quick loan of up to £50,000 without going through a credit check, just fill in our easy application form and see if you are eligible.  All you need is to be the legal owner of a car with little or no finance on it, along with having the logbook of the car and you can have the cash within hours!
Logbook Loans

Logbook loans are something many people can use if they need a way out of a difficult situation. It is very common for people in the UK, especially for those with families, to be living pay check to pay check which makes life tough. It is sometimes hard to keep things on an even keel when you are living like this and when something goes wrong or breaks down around the home, there just isn’t enough in the bank to pay the bills and eat as well. This is where a logbook loan can help. Logbook loans allow you to make the ends meet when the fridge or washing machine breaks down. They are a very fast and easy way to get your hands on that much needed cash. They work by securing a loan for you using your car’s logbook as collateral. This means you are able to continue using your car, but the lender would retain the logbook. If you are eligible then you can have the money in minutes. KM Loans is a trusted name in the logbook loans industry and you can be sure that we will find the right loan for you. Our reliable affiliates such as Logbook 247 are authorised lenders in the UK.
No Credit Checks

One of the major benefits of a logbook loan is that there is no credit check required. We understand that it is sometimes unavoidable for people to have a bad credit rating and they shouldn’t be punished for that. If you’ve had trouble making ends meet up until now, then of course there will have been some bills that were late or credit card payments that just could not be met. KM Loans will not look at your credit history so any of these problems which have occurred in the past will not affect your future.
Documents Required

There are only a few things you need to meet the requirements of KM Loans and the lenders we regularly use,then you can get started with your loan immediately. As long as you have proof of income, identification, proof of your current address, the MOT certificate for your vehicle and of course the logbook of your vehicle. We will not judge you on being in any sort of debt or even check if you have been bankrupt in the past.
Borrow Up To £50,000

The amount you can borrow depends on your vehicle. At KM Loans, we can normally find you a loan of up to £50,000, but not if it exceeds half the value of your vehicle. So if you have a vehicle worth £35,000, then you can borrow up to £17,500 and you will usually have the money within 24 hours. You may be worried about losing the use of your vehicle, but the case of repossession will only occur if you do not keep up to date with the simple, stress-free repayment schedule. If you are unsure how much you should borrow, there are independent financial advice organisations such as
Yours to Spend

The money from a logbook loan can be used for anything. We understand that it may not be a dryer or a fridge that has broken down, but it is actually you and your loved ones that are feeling the stress of debt and constantly struggling to get by. Nobody wants to feel like they are living their life just to survive, so maybe you want to be able to go on a small holiday, or have your kids experience some of the things the others do. This is totally understandable and at KM Loans, we do not need to know the reason you need the loan. What you do with the money is your business and we respect that.
KM Loans Is Here To Help

If you have read the above information and feel like a logbook loan could be right for you, KM Loans are happy to help you proceed to the next step in the process. We do not offer the loans ourselves, but can get you in contact with the right people, who can take you through the rest of the process. Contact made through KM Loans is of course free of any charge. We are looking for the deal which fits perfectly for you and to get you through the process with a minimum of fuss. Filling out our form online takes seconds and you will be put in touch with a lender almost immediately. You will receive the money within hours of providing the required documents mentioned above and then you’ll be on your way. KM Loans unfortunately is not authorised to offer financial advice on a loan, but and IFA service such as will be able to help.
So if you are tired of being in debt and feel suffocated by the feeling of always being too close to running out of money, you should consider getting a logbook loan. KM Loans are experts in dealing with logbook loans and you can be sure that in our hands you will find the right deal. Fill out our online form now to receive a quotation and get the right logbook loan for you today!


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